Ready to Learn About Sharks?

What is a Blue Shark? – Everything You Need to Know

The blue shark is one of those unappreciated masters of the ocean. We all know the great white shark, but what about the great blue shark? For real, another name for this bad boy is: great blue shark. How come nobody makes movies about a blue shark terrorizing a small beach town? Well, because a…

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Nurse Shark Facts – What you need to know

Think of some sharks: tiger, hammerhead, bull, . . . nurse? Yes, the nurse shark does in fact exist; it has no formal education and lacks the qualifications to give you medication or a diagnosis. What it wants in formal education, it makes up for in street smarts. This shark, slow and small in comparison…

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Thresher Shark Facts – What you need to know

A shark with a scythe; a 1000 pound sharp-toothed creature with a weapon it can slash at 80 miles per hour even under water. Oh yes, it is real. This is the shark of many names: whiptail, sea fox, thrasher. Most commonly, perhaps, it goes by the name of “thresher.” Never heard of it? Neither…

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5 Most Amazing Differences Between Sharks and Fish

Sharks are fish but not fish. Confusing? Absolutely. You can instinctively recognize a distinction between sharks and fish; you know they are different animals, but you cannot quite pin down what the difference is. Sharks fall under the label of “fish,” but they are not the same, and you know it. Here are the 5…

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Lemon Shark Facts – what you need to know

You may struggle to picture in your mind what a lemon shark is or why it matters. I completely understand, as most of us live nowhere near the ocean and, even if we do, we have so much going on in our lives it seems trivial. What may surprise you is that the lemon shark…

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